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Caffè Verdi

caffetteria - sala thè - vineria



brand identity | SMM |evironmental graphic | still life | photography



Interior Design ChinaStudio

For this project we have collaborated with "China Studio" who has been dealing with interior design, starting from the "urban chic" style: an industrial style container with elegant and refined furnishings. To combine everything we have chosen a color palette that starts from the gray "smoke" and arrives to the salmon orange, which gives a pop-romantic image of a modern cafe. The interior spaces are divided into three areas, as the new management wanted to introduce products and services not only related to breakfast but also to lunch / dinner and aperitif.


Therefore the logo also reflects this novelty, with the "cafeteria - tea room - vinery" payoff; it comes with clear references to the liberty style, typical of the most successful years of the famous Parisian cafés, revisited in a contemporary key.


To complete the environment we have created a series of designer shots, starting from the different products that "Caffè Verdi" offers based on the different phases of the day, through still-life photographs with a minimal and at the same time surreal style.



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